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Join us in celebrating our 39th year as an Art Gallery by viewing a sample of our selection of Fine Art
Original Etchings, Lithographs, Engravings and Limited Edition Prints


Limited Edition Print Artists

James Bama
Bev Doolittle
Judy Larson
Frank McCarthy
June Carey
Scott Gustafson
Z . S. Liang
William Phillips
James Christensen
Charles Harper
Stephen Lyman
 Howard Terpning
Modern  Lithographs

  Listed below is our collection of 19th & 20th century Etchings, Wood-cuts, Engravings and Lithographs. All prints are pencil signed,
with full margins and in excellent condition.

 Leticia Tarrago
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Page 1
Addison, Robert William 
Albee, Grace
Anderson, Stanley
Arms, John Taylor
Avati, Mario

Page 2
Barlow, Thomas Oldham 
Bebb, M.R
Berdanier, Paul

Page 3
Bishop, Isabel
Boyer, Louise
Boyer, Ralph

Page 4
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Thomas painting
Buell, Alice
Butler, Andrew
Butts, Thomas

Page 5
Byxbe, Lyman 

Page 6
Cameron, Malcolm
Cantin, Kathleen
Castellon, Federico
Chamberlain, Samuel
Chamberlain, F. Tolles
Chmultin, Konstantin

Page 7
Davis, Yvonne
Dussau, Georges
Eby, Kerr
Elder,Margaret Dongall
Gallagher, Sears
Hager, Jess  
Hanscom, Trude


Page 7 continued
Harris, Larry
Heintzelman, Arthur
Higgins, Eugene
Hill, Polly Knipp

Page 8
Hobbs, Morris Henry
Holmes, Kenneth
Horter, Earl
Jensen, Thorvald, Peter
Jones, Dan
Karhu, Clifton 
Kabe, Hiroshi
Kappel, Phillip
Kawano, Kaoru
Kellog, Harold

Page 9
Kipniss, Robert
Kissmer, Willie
Larson, Fred
Lawson, Robert
Leighton, Clare
Levy, William Auerbach
Lewis, Allen 
Lewis, Jeannnette Maxfield
Lindsay, Sir Lionel

Page 10
Locke, W.R.
Locker, Thomas 
Lucione, Luige

Page 11
Mac Lean, William
Maki, Haku
Mastro- Valerio, Alessandro
Mitra, Dan 

Page 12
Mora, F. Lewis
Nason,Thomas W.
Nisbet, Robert H.
Oliver, Edith

Page 13
Partridge, Roi
Peets, Orville
Pescheret, Leon
Pierce, Gerry
Pitz, Henry
Rome, Richardson
Rosenberg, Louis C.
Roth, Ernest
Rudolph, Alfred
Ryohei, Tanaka

Page 14
Sadler, W Dendy
Sawada, Tetsura
Schreiber, Georges
Schultheiss, Carl 
Sherman, Russell
Stern, Alexander
Sterner, Albert
Sugiura, Kazutoshi 

Page 15
Swann, James
Tall, Glenda
Tarrago, Leticia 
Thierney, G.A.
Thompson, Leslie
Von Hollenben,Elizabeth 
Weidenaar, Reynold
Weidenaar Paintings

Page 16
Wengenroth, Stow
Wentworth, Amy
West, Levon
Wilson, Charles B.
Winkler, John W.
Woiceske, Ronau William 
Wright, George
Young, Charles Jac

Wilson, Charles J.A.


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